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Read this before doing anything!

If you're new to Sheki Music and not part of the list already, read the rules and leave a comment to be added. You need an LJ account to be added. Thanks!

1. Comment on every single entry you download something from. You don't have to comment on entries you don't download from, but if you'd like to that's fine as well. ^^

2. You must have me added back BEFORE YOU COMMENT to stay on my friends list. You must also keep me added at all times to prevent being unfriended on my part! There are too many people wanting an add to waste the spaces on someone who won't even check the journal. As far as I know, Livejournal still has a limit on how many people one can add to their friends list - that limit is 750.

3. I need to know that you read the rules (or at least part of them, I guess). Include somewhere in your comment the words 'French Fry' or you won't be added.

4. If you own a music journal or upload to torrent sites, you better hope I don't see music I ripped exclusively for Sheki Music unless you have my permission. (You'll know it's ripped by me if the names "Wapiko" or "Amanda" are in the "Encoded by" section of the mp3's ID tag.) If you do this and you're on my friends list, you'll be permanently banned. It's even worse if I find out you did it and didn't comment. Ugh. Have decency. In other words, don't re-upload it AT ALL unless I say you can, regardless of where you downloaded it! I can't control Soulseek or Kazaa, but it'd be nice. Also, don't hotlink any of my mp3s. I will find out.

By commenting to this entry you confirm that you have read all the rules and will comply with them.

EDIT: Comments to be added should be made only on this entry. If they're on any other entry I'll ignore them.

If you would like to be notified when you're added, leave your email address in your comment and I will email you as soon as you're added. Otherwise, check back in a few days or a week. =)

LATEST ADD MADE ON 2009-06-27!!!


Dec. 11th, 2005 11:07 pm (UTC)
That's right, post here! Don't be afraid!