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Thanks, everyone!

After a few years of inconsistent updating, I think it's finally time for me to say goodbye to Sheki Music. This makes me sad, but it isn't fair to keep you all waiting and clutter up your friends list with an inactive journal. For the past year I've began to prioritize my life differently, and I can't see this journal being updated again. I want to thank everyone for your years of support for this journal; it's you guys that kept me going as long as I did and I'm really happy I was able to share some great music with you!

I'm happy to announce that one of the things keeping me busy is that I've finally accomplished one of my dreams, which was going to Japan. I've been in Aichi prefecture since September 2010 and will be here until the end of July. Japan is a gorgeous country, and if you've ever thought about coming here through study abroad (and are lucky enough to still be a student) I wholeheartedly recommend it, because it's one of the easiest ways to get here. If you want to learn the language and learn about Japanese culture, you will not regret it.

So, where are the artists now who were included in the very first update?
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This will be my last post here - I will not be deleting the journal, however. If you'd like to follow my personal exploits, my journal is wapiko, but don't be offended if I do not add you back. Again, thank you to everyone, and keep listening to awesome music :D
Fukada Kyoko - cuuute (^^)


Hey all!

I've just been notified by bonza that she'll be shutting down the server soon, so I recommend getting any past files that are still up (that includes this entry and this one) while you still can (end of April). Additionally, all images are currently hosted here so they will be red-Xing after this but I will upload them elsewhere, just probably not changing the location of past entries. (Maybe. Depends on how bored I get this summer!) In the meantime, I'd like to give bonza a big THANKYOU~!!! for hosting me all these years. Her server was always a reliable one and without her, putting updates out would've been that much harder.

Speaking of updates, there's less than a month before I'm done with school and I'm so excited to start updating again! I've found a lot of great artists this year and can't wait to share them all with you.<3 I'm leaving this public on the off-chance that you've removed me, and to show that this journal is still if I've removed you and you want back on the list, go add me and comment here.

See you soon!
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Still alive, guys

Just a notification to let everyone know I'm still updating, albeit slowly and with long intervals. If you've removed me from your friends list, I've removed you from mine, so you aren't able to listen to the music here. If you want back on, just comment on this entry after reading the rules and I'll add you back.
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yeah! beat time to the music

I'd like to apologize to everyone who submitted a request in the last entry - it turns out I won't be able to get to them for a few weeks (._.);; I leave home tomorrow (before the sun rises) for school and won't be back until Labor Day weekend (if I'm lucky).

I had a lot of fun this summer sharing great music with everybody, and I hope you all have enjoyed the songs. This is by no means a "I'm closing!" message, but from now on Sheki Music will be a little dormant due to me being away from my music collection - I have some back-up files on my laptop, and maybe I'll be able to upload with those, but I'm not making any guarantees.

Anyway...thanks everyone for sticking by Sheki Music despite all of this. (^o^)*** Look forward to regular updates in December, as I'll try my best during winter break!
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boop boop bee boop

This is just a message to let everybody who was waiting to be added know that you've been added and I just posted an update. =)

Also, it turns out Livejournal's gotten some very spiffy features, including one that easily lets you see which users do/don't have you listed as a friend, and another feature that lets you easily add/remove them. :D So, I've unfriended all of you who unfriended me. If you feel I did this in mistake, just comment. If you want to be let back on, you need to add me back again, comment on this entry again, and keep me added. I currently have 419 added people and 419 of them have added me back. :D ...of course, that sentence isn't from an automatic script. xD But in other words, my number of friends needs to = mutual friends. I'll be able to tell if you take me off after I add you. \:D/

Haha, crazy things.

Anyway. Have at the newest update.
Toda Erika

Read this before doing anything!

If you're new to Sheki Music and not part of the list already, read the rules and leave a comment to be added. You need an LJ account to be added. Thanks!

1. Comment on every single entry you download something from. You don't have to comment on entries you don't download from, but if you'd like to that's fine as well. ^^

2. You must have me added back BEFORE YOU COMMENT to stay on my friends list. You must also keep me added at all times to prevent being unfriended on my part! There are too many people wanting an add to waste the spaces on someone who won't even check the journal. As far as I know, Livejournal still has a limit on how many people one can add to their friends list - that limit is 750.

3. I need to know that you read the rules (or at least part of them, I guess). Include somewhere in your comment the words 'French Fry' or you won't be added.

4. If you own a music journal or upload to torrent sites, you better hope I don't see music I ripped exclusively for Sheki Music unless you have my permission. (You'll know it's ripped by me if the names "Wapiko" or "Amanda" are in the "Encoded by" section of the mp3's ID tag.) If you do this and you're on my friends list, you'll be permanently banned. It's even worse if I find out you did it and didn't comment. Ugh. Have decency. In other words, don't re-upload it AT ALL unless I say you can, regardless of where you downloaded it! I can't control Soulseek or Kazaa, but it'd be nice. Also, don't hotlink any of my mp3s. I will find out.

By commenting to this entry you confirm that you have read all the rules and will comply with them.

EDIT: Comments to be added should be made only on this entry. If they're on any other entry I'll ignore them.

If you would like to be notified when you're added, leave your email address in your comment and I will email you as soon as you're added. Otherwise, check back in a few days or a week. =)

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