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Sheki Music!

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Sheki Music is closed as of April 15th, 2011. Thanks for your support since 2003!!

welcome to sheki music

Welcome to Sheki Music! Sheki Music is a music journal run by Wapiko/Amanda, aka me. :D Every weekend I post new songs, old songs, or songs I've been hooked on regardless of date. There's a bit of something for everybody here, as I range from electronica to indie rock, from metal to swing. And of course, all the regular pop, hip-hop and rap that's inbetween.

This journal is friends-only, meaning I must have you added in order for you to see the entries. For access, make sure to read the rules in this entry and then comment. I'll have you added within a week. Normally I add people right after doing an update, so if you're still not added within two weeks shoot me an email (address above) and I'll let you know if it was just my procrastinating ways or something you did wrong. A big thanks to pufferfish for buying six months of a paid account for Sheki Music!

Consider donating to Sheki Music, as it does take a fair amount of time to write up the updates. =) All donations mean something, and if you donate at least $5 USD you'll become a Gold Requester, which means you can request music whenever you want, even if my requests are closed.

blanket rules
These rules apply to every music post inside Sheki Music. Follow them. Failure to do so may result in your being unfriended.

- Comment if you download. It's common courtesy.
- If it says it's ripped by "Wapiko" or "Amanda", that means it's ripped by me. Don't re-upload it AT ALL unless you have my permission, regardless of where you downloaded it! This means no trackers and no other music journals. I can't control Soulseek or Kazaa, but it'd be nice.
- No direct-linking my mp3s. It's mean.
- Keep me added at all times.

other coolness

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- lzbiandmndschz (for lyrics)
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